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Video to DVD Transfer

We understand that the pace of digital technology has left many of the old video formats gathering dust, that's why our Video to DVD transfer service is so popular. Not only do we convert VHS to DVD but we also offer MiniDV to DVD transfer, Hi8 to DVD transfer and Cine Film transfer.

Touch Music can unlock those memories for you by transferring your old ‘Home Movies’ from VHS, Video 8, Hi8 and MiniDV on to DVD or MP4, allowing playback on DVD players, PCs and laptops or uploading to the internet.

Great care is taken with the tapes you provide and if any won’t play in our machines you won’t be charged. Call our VHS to DVD transfer team today on 0161 432 9012 for details.

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    Please note:

    1. When transferring video tapes to DVD or MP4 we can only convert footage for which you own the copyright, such as home movies. Copyrighted material, such as Hollywood movies or television programmes, cannot be transferred without express permission from the copyright holder.
    2. Over time video tape is likely to deteriorate if it has not been stored correctly. In these circumstances, Touch Music cannot be held responsible should tapes become damaged during the transfer process.