Book your Video to DVD transfer NOW in time for Christmas

As we head towards Christmas, our Video to DVD transfer service becomes even more in demand. We’ve also noticed over the past year that Video to USB transfer (MP4) is more popular than ever.

If you are struggling for ideas for Christmas presents, the transferring of old memories on to digital formats is always gratefully received. Or if you are planning family get togethers, the viewing of old home movies is the perfect way to bring family members back together.

As well as VHS to DVD transfer, we also offer VHS to MP4 transfer and can supply the file on a USB stick. But, we don’t stop there; if you’ve got camcorder cassettes, we also offer MiniDV to DVD transfer, Hi8 to DVD transfer and VHS-C to DVD transfer.

Do you’re memories stretch even further back, to a time before videotape? No problem, Touch Music also convert 8mm and Super 8 cine film to DVD and MP4.

December is the busiest period for our VHS to DVD transfer service so get your tapes in NOW! Click here for more details or call 0161 432 9012 to speak to one of our advisors.

Cine Film Transfer