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DVD Duplication 01

It’s been a busy month so far with not just plenty of CD duplication but also some DVD duplication thrown into the mix. Below is a taste of some of our manufacturing for October… Blackheart Orchestra – CD Duplication This month’s been one of high-culture and started (as every month should) with another batch of albums manufactured for The Blackheart … Read More


‘Tears’ by Little Sparrow was manufactured last week on CD. The single features 3 tracks, with Katie Ware on vocals, Jonny Lexus on guitar, Sarah Dale on Cello, Mitch Oldham on Drums, Jonny Booth on Pedal Steel and Robin Dewhurst on Piano. This physical release is a limited edition and can be ordered from


We’ve just finished a run of EPs by Manchester post-punk legends Dislocation Dance. All proceeds from the sale will contribute towards pioneering treatment for Joel Danziger who is battling brain cancer. GoFundMe

It’s About Time

Last week was busy with a new batch of albums for John Angus manufactured on CD. ‘It’s About Time’ was recorded by Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios in Hanley.

Let It Bleed…

Today we added a video to our Packaging page which demonstrates the ideal layout for artwork. If you use our templates and follow the guidelines featured in the video you’ll save yourselves (and us) a lot of time, which means you’ll get your products even faster (and we’re already pretty quick!).

Galaxy Monsters

Today we’ve manufactured ‘The Smell of Fine Art!’ EP by Post-punk trio Galaxy Monsters. Great riffs, incisive lyrics and a heavy bass, what more could you want? The group, made up of multi-instrumentalists, features Mike Simcock, Heath Evdemon and Archi Bremna. The EP was recorded at Milltown Studios in the High Peak and mastered by Major Oak Audio Mastering.

Dance With Me!

On Friday we manufactured and dispatched 200 CDs in DigiPaks for Voice. Voice is a Christian charity that gives young people the opportunity to grow in their musical gifts whilst exploring and sharing their faith with others through music.


We’ve been lucky of late with the quality of the music we’ve been receiving. Today we’ve manufactured the ‘Retrograde’ EP by Manchester’s Liquid Beach. In case you’re not up to speed, Liquid Beach blend jazz, soul and house culminating in a sound that’s been described as “magical”. The EP will be launched at Manchester’s Peer Hat on 24/04/20, so keep … Read More

Sarah Louise Briggs

We’ve just finished our first release for opera singer Sarah Louise Briggs. This promo CD features the music of Mozart and Gershwin, amongst others and was recorded at Redwall Studios in Manchester. Classically trained, Sarah has worked with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra, Bolton Choral Union and the Bolton Symphony Orchestra to name but a few.

Music in Mind

We’ve just manufactured CDs in card wallets for Manchester Camerata. This new release is part of their ‘Music in Mind’ programme which uses musical improvisation to encourage people living with dementia to express themselves and communicate with others. Visit for more details of the great work that they do.